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Re: Difficulty with eps format wrote:
> Thanks for the hint. I tried that, but the pdf graphic is silently ignored
> (in Acrobat Reader the small graphic displays fine as well. ). If I use the
> same image as a png file, everything works fine. But I would like to have a
> vector graphic format ...

May be adding pdf extension to list of supported extension into your
DSSSL customization file will help.

(define %graphic-extensions% 
  ;; REFENTRY graphic-extensions
  ;; PURP List of graphic filename extensions
  ;; DESC
  ;; The list of extensions which may appear on a 'fileref'
  ;; on a 'Graphic' which are indicative of graphic formats.
  ;; Filenames that end in one of these extensions will not have
  ;; the '%graphic-default-extension%' added to them.
  ;; /DESC
  '("eps" "epsf" "gif" "tif" "tiff" "jpg" "jpeg" "png" "pdf"))

> And that's the way I generate the pdf:
> jw -f docbook -b pdf -d /usr/share/sgml/docbook/docbook-dsssl-1.70/print/docbook.dsl dudel.xml

What exactly does jw script? It calls jade and then jadetex or
pdfjadetex or something else? I'm not using jadetex/pdfjadetex so my
knowledge ends here.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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