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Re: toolset for latest xsl-stylesheets

/ Dave Pawson <> was heard to say:
| This was the first I'd heard that 1.39 was available.

I didn't bother to announce it, it was a quick patch release for 
reasons I can't fully recall.

|   <grin type="evil">I know that saxon 6.22 and db stylesheets 1.29 work</grin>

I'm not sure which problem you're referring to, but if it's the chunking
problem, that'll have to wait until a new Saxon release comes out.

And, fair warning, I'd like to drop support for older versions of
Saxon shortly after that occurs. The existing Saxon bug is just too
severe and undetectable.

| But I'm just 'years' out of date!

Oh, come now, there haven't been any releases in *days*. Even though I
did have wireless net access at the XSL WG meeting :-)

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | Old age is the most unexpected of | all the things that happen to a
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | man.--Trotsky

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