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Re: Re: DOCBOOK: xt and newwest XML stylesheets HOW?

/ Jirka Kosek <> was heard to say:
| If you will download Saxon, download Saxon 6.2.1. Newer versions of
| Saxon contains bug (although Saxon's author will describe it as full
| conformance to XSLT spec) which makes chunking stylesheet useless.

Alas, this bug exists in all versions of Saxon. I don't know why it
didn't get noticed for so long. (There's a special distribution at that you can use to demonstrate
the bug and easily test other processors.)

There will be an XSLT erratum (er, I actually have the action item to
write it ;-) that describes the problem and I expect future versions
of Saxon to behave correctly.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | The shortness of life can neither | dissuade us from its pleasures,
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | nor console us for its
                                   | pains.--Vauvenargues

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