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Re: XML equivalent of (o)nsgmls?

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 11:23:31PM +0200, Jirka Kosek wrote:

> nsgmls -s -wxml /path/to/xml.dcl your_document.xml

I am confused as to which 'xml.dcl' to use in this context. I have this:


in my installation of DocBook sgml, but if I use it to validate an xml
document written for the website DTD, I get an endless stream of:

nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:225:53:E: element "para" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:227:41:E: element "ulink" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:232:12:E: element "webpage" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:235:7:E: element "title" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:238:11:E: element "para" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:241:14:E: element "webpage" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:244:7:E: element "title" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:246:11:E: element "para" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:250:12:E: element "webpage" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:253:7:E: element "title" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:256:11:E: element "para" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:261:14:E: element "webpage" undefined
nsgmls:test_nsgmls.xml:264:7:E: element "title" undefined

The xml document in question works fine with xt and saxon. It's header looks
like this:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE website PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DTD Website V1.10//EN" 
I'm doing something, yes? <g>

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA

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