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Re: toolset for latest xsl-stylesheets

At 04:37 PM 5/30/01, Mark Johnson wrote:
>Hi All,
>I need to update my docbook-xsl-stylesheets package and I'm wondering
>what the latest combination of tools (with versions) is known to work with
>version 1.39 of the xsl stylesheets.
>I'd like to package the tools (parser, xslt processor, catalog classes) at
>the same time. And, of course, I'd still like to have catalog support via
>Norm's/Jirka's catalog classes--or by any other means.
>With earlier (1.34) versions, I had good luck with Saxon 6.02, Jirka's
>classes, and Crimson 1.1. Does the catalog stuff still work with Saxon
>6.2, or 6.3?

Go pick strawberries :-) The speed this group works it'll be out of
date by the time you've packaged it up!

This was the first I'd heard that 1.39 was available.
  <grin type="evil">I know that saxon 6.22 and db stylesheets 1.29 work</grin>

But I'm just 'years' out of date!

Regards DaveP, getting blurred vision watching the version counter!

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