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Re: How do you %indent-programlisting-lines for anexternal file?

> My assumption was that anything that would work inline with the source
> document would also work if read out of a file.  This implies that if you
> place the text of directly into the document source file without
> modification, you would have the same complaints from jade.  Is that the
> behavior that you saw from jade?

Yup, exactly. I get the same errors if I place the text of
directly into the sgml file without modification.

> Another suggestion, though less appealing than the solution you're after, is
> to include a section in your make file (assuming you use make to manage your
> documents) to maintain a CDATA version of the program file.
> source.sgml:
> 	foo
> where foo wraps a CDATA section around the contents of and writes
> the results to source.sgml.

Much less appealing ;-) Another hack I was thinking of was to make
copies of all the source files, then use perl to add spaces onto the
front of each line.

However, it seems like there should be an easier way. 

Thanks for all the ideas.

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