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Hi, everyone.

In an attempt to save paper on drafts, I've tried to squeeze a little
whitespace out of Norm's Docbook stylesheets:

(define %left-margin% 1in)
(define %right-margin% 1in)
(define %paper-type% "USletter")
(define %body-start-indent% 0in)
(define %footer-margin% 0in)

There's still two inches of whitespace at the bottom of each page.
I'd like the text to stop one inch from the bottom of the page, and
the page number to be just below that, but I'll settle for anythng
that'll give me less than two inches of dead space on every page.

Also, one blank page is always generated after all the other material.
I'd like to disable that, too.  (I'm making RefEntry docs, in case
that makes a difference.)

I'm using jade and jadetex.  What should I change?

Note: I'm using relatively old versions of things, which is obviously
my first problem... I'm on Debian potato.  And Debian isn't exactly
known for being current, but I'd like to avoid spending the time to
upgrade until I'm done with this project:

 docbook        3.1-2          
 docbook-doc    30d10-4        
 docbook-styles 1.49-1         
 docbook-styles 1.49-1         
 docbook-to-man 2.0.0-6        
 docbook-xml-sl 1.1-1          
 docbook2man    0.5.1-6        
 docbook2texi   0.5.1-6        
 jade           1.2.1-16
 jadetex        2.7-2


Chris Riddoch         |  epistemological   |  humility

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