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Re: probs with grafics in docbook-xml and passivetex

Hi Juan,

JRM> I have found that when pdftex can't find a graphics file, it send a
JRM> message about "unknown grphic extension", but it's not true: it's just
JRM> that it can't find the file.

JRM> Make sure the path to the graphic is relative to the main document you
JRM> are converting, and that you run pdftex from the main document directory.

JRM> dirone/mmm.tex
JRM> dirone/images/my_picture.jpg
I  have  double checked the directory tree and i have done it like you
said above.
My tree looks like:


Within the docs tree i type:

D:\Work\SYP\src\docs>pdflatex "&pdfxmltex"

JRM> You should run pdftex in dirone. You can't write: "pdftex somedir/dirone/mmm.tex":
JRM> Pdftex won't find the graphic file: it will search in somedir/images.
See above.

JRM> Anyway: check pdftex.def in the tex/latex directory to see in the jpg extension is included.
I have checked and jpg extension is included.

I wonder that the following syntax is used in latec:
  0:src = "url(file:images/xforms_presentation.jpg)"

Any idea ?

so long

Ingo Bruell

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