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Re: probs with grafics in docbook-xml and passivetex

I have found that when pdftex can't find a graphics file, it send a
message about "unknown grphic extension", but it's not true: it's just
that it can't find the file.

Make sure the path to the graphic is relative to the main document you
are converting, and that you run pdftex from the main document directory.


You should run pdftex in dirone. You can't write: "pdftex somedir/dirone/mmm.tex":
Pdftex won't find the graphic file: it will search in somedir/images.

Anyway: check pdftex.def in the tex/latex directory to see in the jpg extension is included.


Juan R. Migoya

Ingo Bruell wrote:
> Hi,
> i  am  using  the  graphics tag within a figure element to show an jpg
> image. But passivetex have not found the images. I habe used following
> tags:
>       <figure><title>My Picture</title>
>         <graphic align="center"
>                  fileref="images/my_picture.jpg"/>
>       </figure>
> passivetex (pdflatex) first said that the file was not found and after
> that it said "Unknow graphics extension: .jpg":
> --- snip ---
> Ingo Bruell

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