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Re[2]: probs with grafics in docbook-xml and passivetex

Hi Jirka,

JK> Ingo Bruell wrote:

>> passivetex (pdflatex) first said that the file was not found and after
>> that it said "Unknow graphics extension: .jpg":

JK> It seems that pdftex does not support this format (although this sounds
JK> strange, because PDF format has direct support for JPEG graphics).
JK> pdfTeX supports PNG and PDF for sure, so converting picture from JPEG to
JK> PNG should fix your problem.

Thank  you  for  you answer but with .PNG it will not work, too. A have
got  the  same  message  as  with  .JPG.  And i need .JPG for the html
output, too.
I  think  that the syntax is wrong for LaTeX or passiveTeX. But I have
not  found  the  right syntax and i do not know where i have to change

so long

Ingo Bruell

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