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Re: Re: DOCBOOK: xt and newwest XML stylesheets HOW?

Dave Pawson wrote:

> >If you will download Saxon, download Saxon 6.2.1. Newer versions of
> >Saxon contains bug (although Saxon's author will describe it as full
> >conformance to XSLT spec) which makes chunking stylesheet useless.
> I chunk OK with 6.22
> (that sounds vaguely obscene :-)

At the first sight output is correct. But some things are missing - for
example titles of chapters or sections which go to separate chunk are
missing. This is due to change of xsl:apply-imports, xsl:import and
xsl:include processing in Saxon. This "feature" is also present in Saxon

If chunking works well for you with Saxon 6.2.2 you may be using some
older version (not the latest from CVS). Chunking machinery was little
bit rearranged to handle several chunking modes. It is possible that
older chunking code does not trigger Saxon problem.  


  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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