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Reply-to settings


would it be possible to set Reply-to field in all messages in this group
to group's address? I very often select just Reply action in my e-mail
client and reply goes only to sender of original message not to group.
Yes, I know that I can press Reply-to-all button but I often forgot to
do it and after replying to all my response goes twice to author of
original message.  

May be there is some serious reason for not modifying Reply-to field
which I don't know. I think that it would make replying much more


P.S.: Have anyone (probably Norm?;) some info about latest XSL WG
meeting? AFAIK there should be discussed unclear point about behaviour
of xsl:apply-imports in XSLT spec. Latest versions of Saxon treats this
instruction little bit different than other processor and that is why
Saxon 6.2.2+ does not handle chunking well. 

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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