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Re: DOCBOOK: xt and newwest XML stylesheets HOW?

klaas holwerda wrote:
> > > C:\TOOLS\docbookxml\docbook\test>xt article.XML ../html/chunk.xsl >
> > > aap.html
> > > file:/C:/TOOLS/docbookxml/docbook/html/index.xsl:273: no such function:
> > > key
> >
> > use stylesheet ../html/xtchunk.xsl instead of ../html/chunk.xsl
> Just tried it, same problem. Maybe i should indeed try saxon.
> Or is there something else i can be doing wrong?

I also prefer Saxon, because it has complete support for XSLT spec and
has many additional features. Only one advantage of XT is that it is
still fastest Java-based XSLT processor (faster is only MSXML which is
available only on Windows and does not support chunking).

If you will download Saxon, download Saxon 6.2.1. Newer versions of
Saxon contains bug (although Saxon's author will describe it as full
conformance to XSLT spec) which makes chunking stylesheet useless.

However xtchunk.xsl should work with XT. Which version of stylesheets
are you using? Try to download latest release from 

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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