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<articleinfo/> weirdness

I'm just wondering about a few small things about articleinfo.  I write an
articleinfo set like this:

    <title>Implementation of a Secure Maintenance Network</title>
    <pubsnumber>RFC INTERPH-BP-002</pubsnumber>
    <corpauthor>Inter.Net Philippines, Inc.</corpauthor>
      <collabname>William Emmanuel S. Yu</collabname>

But only the <title/> and <corpauthor/> data gets displayed in the final
document.  The rest just vanishes into thin air.  I would think all of
this meta information should be displayed in some form!  This happens for
the HTML and FO XSL stylesheets (all versions I have used, 1.36-1.38 and
1.29).  Used both Xalan C and Saxon for XSLT processing.  Dunno about
DSSSL, because I don't have a working version of Jade or some other DSSSL
processor installed.

And one other thing: I think that the <title/> text should not be full
justified, but right justified or centered.  Long titles like the one
above appear quite ugly when they get rendered to PDF.

Rafael R. Sevilla <>   +63(2)   8177746 ext. 8311
Programmer, InterdotNet Philippines              +63(917) 4458925

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