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Re: Newsletter possible (help?)

I wouldn't recommend it.  A newsletter is a small, highly visual 
document.  Columns, throws, and sidebars would be tricky.

In addition to understanding DocBook markup (which is not tailored for 
newsletters), you would need to understand at least three of the following:

   DSSSL (Jade)
   XSL (Saxon, XT, or Xalan)

   TeX ((La)TeX, JadeTeX, and/or PassiveTeX)
   FO (FOP)

   RTF (a word processor)
   PDF (Acrobat)
   PostScript (PS printer or GhostScript)

Use a desktop publishing program.

At 07:29 AM 5/22/01 -0400, Richard Ames wrote:

>I have volunteered to produce my Rotary Club newsletter for the coming
>year.  (Whow is me!)
>Four years ago I used a program called Pressworks to do it, produced PS
>output and did a fairly nice job of flowing columns frme page to page,
>Can I do this with Docbook?  I there a good place to find a apropriate
>style sheet???

Jon Willeke, Quality Engineer
InterSystems Corp.
One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

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