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Re: Attribute `id' in <mediaobject>

/ Jean-Baptiste Quenot <> was heard to say:
| > This is a real problem. Anchors require  an <a> element, but you can't
| > have both an <a name="..."> and a <div id="...">.
| I don't  understand what you  mean with anchors and  divs, but I  made a
| change to  your stylesheets  so that the  mediaobject's id  attribute is
| written to  HTML output, and it  works as expected.

It works as you expect in CSS, but if you made a link in your source:

  <link linkend="mediaobjectid">the image</link>

the resulting HTML documents wouldn't behave correctly when you clicked
on "the image". (Because there'd be no <a name="mediaobjectid"> tag in
the HTML.)

And unfortunately, this:

  <div id="mediaobjectid">
    <a name="mediaobjectid"></a>

is not legal because both A NAME and DIV ID are of type "ID".

| > Do  you  really  want  to   have  different  CSS  selectors  for  each
| > mediaobject?  Isn't <div class="mediaobject"> sufficient?
| No, it's not sufficient.  For my  last example, I must set the following
| style:
| #man {
| »·······float: right;
| »·······margin: 20px;
| }

Can you tell us a little more about your markup and your formatting
requirements? I'm curious to know why you need precise control over
objects that are distinguished only by their ID.

| BTW couldn't the  mediaobject's 'float' attribute make  the images float
| as documented?  Or maybe my definition of floating is wrong?

Uh, what float attribute on mediaobject?

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | One must look for one thing only, | to find many.--Cesare Pavese
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee |

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