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Re: Attribute `id' in <mediaobject>

* Norman Walsh:

> / Jean-Baptiste Quenot <> was heard to say:
> | I'm using Norm's stylesheets for output  in HTML, from a DocBook XML
> | document processed by  Resin, an XSL aware Java  server available at
> | I want  to use the `id'  attribute of output
> | HTML elements for customizing the styles in a CSS.
> This is a real problem. Anchors require  an <a> element, but you can't
> have both an <a name="..."> and a <div id="...">.

I don't  understand what you  mean with anchors and  divs, but I  made a
change to  your stylesheets  so that the  mediaobject's id  attribute is
written to  HTML output, and it  works as expected.  However,  I know by
experience  that when  you begin  hacking,  it's because  you are  doing
something the wrong way.

> Do  you  really  want  to   have  different  CSS  selectors  for  each
> mediaobject?  Isn't <div class="mediaobject"> sufficient?

No, it's not sufficient.  For my  last example, I must set the following

#man {
»·······float: right;
»·······margin: 20px;

BTW couldn't the  mediaobject's 'float' attribute make  the images float
as documented?  Or maybe my definition of floating is wrong?

All the best,
Jean-Baptiste Quenot
May 1, 2001 - May 21, 2001: 1770 visits

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