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Re: Trouble with Openjade, DSSSL Style Sheets V 1.69,and style-sheet.dtd

/ Holger Rauch <> was heard to say:
| Hi!
| When trying to create RTF from a DocBook XML 4.1.2 conformant file using
| Openjade, I get several errors of the form:
| openjade:/usr/local/share/openjade/style-sheet.dtd:11:2:E: unknown
| declaration type "element"
| My SGML_CATALOG_FILES variable is set as follows:
| /usr/local/share/openjade/catalog:/usr/local/share/openjade/xml.soc:

The xml.soc catalog makes the SGML Declaration for XML the default
SGML Declaration. That won't work because DSSSL stylesheets are SGML
documents and they don't work with that XML declaration. (Yeah, that
really is as confusing as it sounds).

Take xml.soc out of the path and this error will go away.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | In every work of genius we | recognize our own rejected
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | thoughts; they come back to us
                                   | with a certain alienated
                                   | majesty.--Emerson

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