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Re: Problems with stylesheets and a question

/ Dave Pawson <> was heard to say:
| Suggest:
| 1. Upgrade to 1.34 (I doubt that is the latest, the speed *he* works)
|   and read the documentation, very carefully.
| I use it with chunking, using saxon 6.22, and it works, so I guess
| its the same for Xalan, knowing Norm (a little).

Things are in chaos right now. Xalan changed the API in 2.0.1 and
Saxon 6.3 (and some versions of 6.2.* AFAICT) are totally broken with
respect to the way import/include work.

| I had to include the .jar files that Norm has started to include
| in the distribution. He uses those for the 'funny' namespaced stuff
| he does ;_)

The jar files are only required if you have extensions turned on. They
were accidentally turned on by default in one release.

| I just sighed and guessed that Norm is trying to emulate
| JC with terseness in documentation (sorry Norm )

Sorry, Dave. I don't mean to. Where can I get another 24 hours/day?

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | [They] say the Earth is flat, but | I know that it is round, for I
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | have seen the shadow on the moon,
                                   | and I have more faith in a shadow
                                   | than in [them].--Ferdinand Magellan

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