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citetitle unsupported in DocBook->HTML XSL stylesheet?

I've been using Version 1.37 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets and Xalan
C++ Version 1.1 as my XSLT processor to produce DocBook documents.  I
tried using the <citetitle/> tag and testXSLT gave me this output when
attempting to make an HTML document:

XSL Warning: No template matches citetitle., style tree node: citetitle, source
tree node: xsl:message

The HTML file that results has a literal <citetitle/> tag that appears
in red in it.  Shouldn't the stylesheet have a template for citetitle
that at least produces HTML <i/> tags?  Since I know nothing at all
about XSLT, I have no idea how to do modify the stylesheets to do this.

This does not occur with the formatting object stylesheets which
produce the expected output (italicized text) in the PDF's created by
FOP 0.18.1.

Rafael R. Sevilla <>   +63(2)   8177746 ext. 8311
Programmer, InterdotNet Philippines              +63(917) 4458925

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