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Re: XMetal and inline elements

Ali Saffari <> writes:

>I've noticed some strange behaviour while using XMetal for creating
>DocBook content.  According to "DocBook The Definitive Guide" you can
>insert inline elements within other inline elements.

It is not true, however, that arbitrary inline elements can be inserted
within other arbitrary inline elements.

>I've a document wich contains somethinf like this
><phrase arch="print">Folgendes Dialogfenster wird
> <phrase arch="online">Das Dialogfenster f&uuml;r die Textsuche  wird
>XMetal says that this is an invalid document!! 

According to "DocBook: TDG", it is.  <action> may be a <child> of <phrase>,
but <phrase> cannot be a child of <action>.  (Take a look at the pages for
each element, specifically the listing of "Parents" and "Children".)

Since arch is also an attribute of action, would it be sufficient to mark
up the text as:

   <action arch="print">Folgendes Dialogfenster wird ge&ouml;ffnet:</action>
   <action arch="online">Das Dialogfenster f&uuml;r die Textsuche  wird

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