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page numbering oddity


I recently updated my environment to:


And I realized something really strange about pages numbering:

- in the TOC, the <preface> is numbered with lowercase roman numbers but
- the pages of the <preface> are numbered with standard arabic
- pages numbering begin again at one for first and second chapters but
not for others!

in short, a sample document made of a preface and three chapters of one
page each would give:

              TOC page number | printed page number
TOC        |                  |         3
Preface    |        i         |         1
Chapter1   |        1         |         1
Chapter2   |        1         |         1
Chapter3   |        2         |         2

I tried without my customization layer, I couldn't find any clue in mail
archive nor print parameters...
I tried coming back to the former environment that worked some weeks
ago, but I failed.

Please any suggestion appreciated, I need a proper output urgently :-)

Thanks, camille.

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