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XSL Stylesheets/XSLFO, and author lines in articles

I've experimented with Norm Walsh's XSL docbook styleheets to produce
some articles, and noted something odd.  It mangles the author line,
apparently, and I get output like this:

Rafael R. SevillaProgrammerInterdotNet Philippines

in the author line, which clearly no one would want!.  If there's an
authorgroup, it's similar:

Rafael R. SevillaWilliam Emmanuel S. YuRandy J.Ong

I could work around this by placing a comma and space after everyone's
name, but I think this behavior is wrong.

This is what comes out in the PDF file.  I'm using FOP 0.18.1, and
Xalan-C 1.1 to do this, and version 1.37 of the XSL stylesheets.

Apparently, this odd behavior doesn't occur if try to create a book,
except that I think that the text of my affiliation should be in a
smaller font than my name (which I may be able to change easily enough
once I figure out how XSLT and XSLFO work...).

Rafael R. Sevilla <>   +63(2)   8177746 ext. 8311
Programmer, InterdotNet Philippines              +63(917) 4458925

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