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Re: RE: DOCBOOK: MS files included with elements?

"Prikryl,Petr" wrote:
> So, if I was forced to do it again, I would do it this way:
>   1. Export the Word to HTML (manually).
>   2. Use HTML Tidy (off line) do convert the <font ...> and the like
>      tags into markup that uses CSS (automatically) and to
>      output the XML result.
>   3. Use ImageMagick to convert the images into the desired
>      format (off line).
>   4. Use some XSLT processor and write XSL file to prescribe
>      the conversion of that XML to DocBook XML (off line).
>   5. Perl may still be needed.
> Well, I never did the third step (being very new to XSL), nor I know
> whether it is the best approach.  I guess that there could be some
> easier way.  Anyway, I think that "Word to HTML" is the first step
> to follow and I do not think that can be done off-line.
> Any comments?  (I want to learn something better ;-)

Some commercial XML editors have quite good XML import filters. For
example Epic has import filter from Word to DocBook in standard
distribution. I think that similar feature is available also in XMetaL.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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