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Re: Normalizing spaces?

"M. Wroth" wrote:
> At some level, it has to be controllable; other applications do not exhibit
> this behavior.  So it may be a function of the DTD or SGML declaration.  Hmmmm
> At 03:01 PM 5/7/01 -0700, Eric Richardson wrote:
> >"M. Wroth" wrote:
> > >
> > > That is the effect -- what I don't see is how it's accomplished.
> >
> >ASAIK the parser ignores the extra space and doesn't pass it to the
> >application.

Sorry, this probably is wrong and plus I'm really used to XML not SGML.
I'm remembering now that the parser passed everything on to the DOM.
This is reference to XML parsed by SAX and then passed to DOM. This was
really annoying in the DOM as there was all sorts of extra whitespace
text Nodes. Theoretically the parser if validating with a DTD can remove
whitespace between nodes where text nodes are not allowed but then the
parser output would be different in validating and non-validating modes.

I read about 200 emails on the XML/DOM lists on this subject and
everything is passed to the DOM application by SAX because only the
application has the context needed to decide what to do with the

Maybe somebody can comment on whitespace since I have mouthed off
without thinking first and passed off such lousy advice.


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