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Re: DocBook XML and MSIE (?!)

R Signes schrieb:
> Greetings!
> This seems to make sense.  After all, it can't be expected, I suppose,
> to have a built in stylesheet for every XML application under the sun.
> Is there a way to point it to a stylesheet?  If so, will that work?
> Even if it only speaks CSS, I would imagine that CSS would be enough
> to enable rudimentary display of DocBook documents.  My XML skills are
> fairly poor, so if this is a simple question of adding one line to the
> document, please bear with me!

Yes! You need only to add the following line to your xml file directly
after the xml-prolog (<?xml version="1.0"...?>):

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="uri/or/location/of/xsl/stylesheet" ?>

I've tried this with a quite large document and some older version of the 
DocBook-XSL-Stylesheet. It worked pretty fine. But take care of the
different versions of the MSXML-Parser (IE build-in parser). If your
are using IE 5.x you might have MSXML 2.5 installed on your system. I've
tried it with MSXML 3.0 wich works much better.

You can download the new releases of the MSXML-Parser from Note that the parser installs itself
in a so called side-by-side mode. This mode doesn't replace the
parser within IE. You have to download and install another small
programm wich replaces the parser (I think ist called xmlinst).
There is a good description about how to install the parser
on the MSDN.

Be sure that you take the single-output-file-stylesheet. I don't
think that MSXML 3.0 supports chunking the way Saxon or Xalan
do. So use the docbook.xsl-Stylesheet in the HTML directory of
the XSL-Stylesheet to ge a nice HTML-Output ;-)



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