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jadetex woes.

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Bob McIlvride wrote:
> > I'd like to download the most current and bug-free version of pdfjadetex.
> The latest I know of is version 3.6, available at 
> Unfortunately, it still seems to have a few bugs related to
> TOC/pagination.  We're waiting for version 3.7 which Sebastian has said
> should fix these problems.

	I downloaded 3.6 and I think I see the bugs you're talking 
about... Page numbering starts over on the second chapter but is alright 
on later chapters. I'm also using special characters like # and + in my
section's titles but they don't appear in the PDF bookmarks.

	Are there any work-arounds or patches for these bugs? Should I
roll back to a previous version? Which version of jadetex should I use for

	I want a correct Table of Contents and PDF bookmarks. I also want
to avoid those ugly red boxes around any linked text...

-=- Kevin Conder,

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