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pgwide table problems.


I'm hoping someone can enlighten me regarding pgwide tables in PDF print 
output.  I have a document that has two columns, and I'd like the table 
to span the whole page.  So I put "pgwide=1" into the table definition, 
like so:

<informaltable frame=all pgwide=1>

(I tried putting it into the tgroup tag first because that's how I 
interpretted the documentation, but that results in an error and no 
difference in output)

But the table is still only in one column (and quite messed up as well, 
with an extra 'dot' in the output, no respect for the defined table cell 
sizes, and no vertical lines).  Switching my document back to one column 
fixes the table, so I'm content that the SGML is correct.

I've tried Norms modular stylesheets versions 1.61 and the latest 1.69, 
and jade-1.2.1 and openjade-1.3, all with the same results.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known (or unknown) limitation of 
the tools I'm using?  Anyone know how to get a full page table when 
rendering multi-column PDF files?

Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light for this poor, confused, 
part-time documentation writer.  This one has had me stumped most of the 
                      Joe Cooper <>
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