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Re: JadeTeX: Specifying Fonts

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 12:34:53PM +0100, Sebastian Rahtz said:
> Deborah Greenberg Lidl writes:
>  > I've read the install.pdf for JadeTeX, so I know that Helvetica and
>  > Times Roman are two of the supported font families.  But are the other
>  > related fonts (Oblique/Italic, Bold, BoldOblique/BoldItalic) for these
>  > fonts supported?  If not, how do I add support for them?
> the italic, bold, etc come along by default. they are members of the
> same family

OK.  Wasn't sure, as Adobe lists 14 fonts that don't have to be embedded
in PDFs, and considers Helvetica and Helvetica Oblique as separate fonts.
>  > teTeX/share/texmf/fonts for Helvetica Oblique.  I've tried referring to
>  > "Helvetica Oblique", "Helvetica-Oblique", and "HelveticaOblique" in the
>  > stylesheet customization.
> no, wicked. if you want oblique, tell DSSSL to make sans-serif italic

Guess I haven't had my morning caffeine yet -- by "wicked" are you
saying that specifiying by font name (Helvetica vs sans-serif) is bad?

I tried:

	(define %title-font-family%
          "sans-serif italic")

in my customization layer.  Same errors as I reported before (LaTeX
Font Warning: Font shape `TS1/<unknown>/bx/n' undefined).  I tried
altering the capitalization and spacing, in case that mattered.

If I specify by font name (Helvetica, Palatino, Times Roman, Courier,
and so forth), it works.  This is what is suggested in the DocBook DSSSL
docs.  I do need to specify a specific font (Helvetica Oblique) rather
than just a font type (sans-serif italic).

Thanks very much,
Deborah Greenberg Lidl                       Toll free: 1.888.849.BSDi                    BSDi             Phone: 1.301.765.7945                                Fax: 1.301.765.7946

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