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Re: JadeTeX: Specifying Fonts

Deborah Greenberg Lidl writes:
 > OK.  Wasn't sure, as Adobe lists 14 fonts that don't have to be embedded
 > in PDFs, and considers Helvetica and Helvetica Oblique as separate fonts.
different fonts, yes; same family, though

 > Guess I haven't had my morning caffeine yet -- by "wicked" are you
 > saying that specifiying by font name (Helvetica vs sans-serif) is bad?
no, specififying helvetica oblique by name. but using Helvetica is,
itself, wicked...

 > I tried:
 > 	(define %title-font-family%
 >           "sans-serif italic")
sorry, dont take me too literally. I have no idea how the styles
work. you need to set the "family" to Helvetica, and the "style" to
italic. dont ask me how...

 > docs.  I do need to specify a specific font (Helvetica Oblique) rather
 > than just a font type (sans-serif italic).

you need a more flexible stylesheet that lets you specify more than
just family


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