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Re: Latin2

U Utorak 01 Maj 2001 20:21, napisao si:
> Vladimir Vrzic wrote:
> > What is the correct way to encode latin2 characters when making a
> > DSSSL stylesheet, and later in SGML files, so I can have the correct
> > html/ps/whatever output with jade?
> In SGML instance simply use ISO 8859-2 encoding. When processing with
> Jade, you must set environment variable SP_ENCODING to value ISO-8859-2.

Er, what I actually ment was, do I encode the characters as 

1) single 8-bit characters ()
2) descriptive (č)
3) unicode (\U-010D;)
4) some other way?

Now I think I've solved the by problem using 1) and exporting the 
SP_ENCODING variable. Just a few minor issues left.

thanks and regards,


p.s. I've finished the serbian dsssl stylesheet, using unicode, and it 
works fine. Is there a good soul here, a dsssl-modular contributor, who 
can put those files into the CVS for me (dbl1sr.dsl, dbl1sr.ent and a few 
minor changes to some other files, to include support for serbian)?

Also, just one thing, in the dbl1xx.ent file, what are the meanings of 
these entitys, I'm not sure how to translate correctly:

<!ENTITY MsgAud 
<!ENTITY MsgLevel
<!ENTITY MsgOrig

Thanks in advance

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