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Re: Latin2

Vladimir Vrzic wrote:

> What is the correct way to encode latin2 characters when making a DSSSL
> stylesheet, and later in SGML files, so I can have the correct
> html/ps/whatever output with jade?

In SGML instance simply use ISO 8859-2 encoding. When processing with
Jade, you must set environment variable SP_ENCODING to value ISO-8859-2.
> I'm trying to create a frame for translating FreeBSD documentation to
> Serbian language (in latin characters, not cyrillic). With some directions
> from Nik Clayton, I've produced a serbian DSSSL stylesheet, but I'm quite
> ignorant on how to encode latin2 characters, like Ccaron and such. I've
> seen that the slovenian stylesheet uses unicode characters (like
> \U-010D;), but when I try to put these into the documentation that we are
> translating, jade simply ignores them (I've tried translating into html).

In stylesheet you can use this. Now is used little bit different way to
store localization (look at gentext module in DocBook CVS). Localization
is now stored in XML and DSSSL stylesheets are gerenerated automatically
from these templates.

When creating DocBook documents just use ISO Latin 2 encoding and set
SP_ENCODING to correct value.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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