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Re: Overfull \hbox in alignment

Kevin Dunn writes:
 > I get the same thing occasionally from ordinary paragraphs. In a 200
 > page book, I have five messages like:
 > Overfull \hbox (7.04726pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 5472--5472
 > \T1/ptm/m/n/10 Wa-ter char-ac-ters of this book are po-tent memes who
 > dom-i-nate my thoughts

5 messages in 200 pages? thats pretty good!

 > What appears in the pdf are lines which run over the right margin. It
 > appears that pdfjadetex is having difficulty hyphenating. The hyphens
 > (e.g. Wa-ter) appear in the log but not in the tex file. Is there a
 > way to nudge it, say, by editing the tex?

you can give TeX hyphenation overrides, and you can insert extra 
commands to tell it to be less fussy. explaining how and what would
need a lesson in basic TeX.

 > I am using jadetex-2.7-2. Does anyone get this problem with newer jadetex's?

of course, its a fundamental part of the TeX philosophy. you may argue
from this that TeX is not the right tool for the job; or you may argue
that Knuth was right, and that the DSSSL/XSLFO concept of 100%
automated typesetting is fundamentally flawed. 


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