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Re: bold as emphasis role

"Kunath, Marcel" wrote:

> I tried the stuff below in mystyle.dsl file and it wouldn't work. I ended up
> searching for help what the words "customization layer" mean. Regarding to
> this page:
> customization layer are the *.mod files. Am I suppose to edit those?

This chapter describes customizations of DocBook DTD. This is not your
case, as DTD customizations are used when you want to add or remove some
DocBook elements.

Another thing you can customize are stylesheets. They define how DocBook
elements are presented. This is your case.
>         (element emphasis
>           (if (equal? (attribute-string (normalize "role")) "bold")
>             ($bold-seq$)
>             ($italic-seq$)))
> which is slightly different from Jirka's suggestion and works(bolds, but
> does not italic) for me when put in mystyle.dsl file.

In fact it has same effect as my code. Compared expressions are just
present in different order.
If you want bold and italics at the same time, use $bold-italic-seq$
instead of $bold-seq$.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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