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RE: bold as emphasis role

Well as new user I got to say docbook is really hard to learn. There is lots
of documentation out there but its difficult to comprehend.

I tried the stuff below in mystyle.dsl file and it wouldn't work. I ended up
searching for help what the words "customization layer" mean. Regarding to
this page:

customization layer are the *.mod files. Am I suppose to edit those?

Then I did some more searching and I came upon this page:

And there it says:

	(element emphasis
	  (if (equal? (attribute-string (normalize "role")) "bold")

which is slightly different from Jirka's suggestion and works(bolds, but
does not italic) for me when put in mystyle.dsl file.

Besides shouldn't the code above 'bold and italic' if <emphasis role="bold">


"Kunath, Marcel" wrote:

> in html/dbinline.dsl but it will not italic or bold anything. It will be
> upright instead. I also tried adding my own style sheet as
> extension/override to docbook.dsl but the same result. db41, 

"Jirka" answered:

<Following code works for me when put into customization layer:
<(element emphasis
<  (if (equal? (normalize "bold") (attribute-string (normalize "role")))
<      ($bold-seq$)
<      ($italic-seq$)))

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