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Re: Revision control for DocBook SGML/XML documents

In a pure Windows NT environment, the CVS page says
The second way is known as "local" or "non-client/server" CVS. This lets you run CVS if you have only Windows machines. However, due to issues (a) with local CVS on Windows, and (b) with the suitability of Windows as a server operating system in general, we would generally recommend this more to try out CVS and get a feel for it rather than for production use

and this tracks with my attempts to use it.  I've tried twice, and both times failed to get the CVS system to be stable.  Given that, I'm a little skeptical of CVS in the NT environment.

RCS, OTH, seems to work fine.

At 12:00 PM 4/25/01 -0400, Dan York wrote:
> thought I might use GNU RCS.

I would *strongly* encourage you to look at CVS instead of RCS.  MUCH better
is so many ways... (and CVS evolved out of the work on RCS but uses a merging
versus locking model)

and specifically:

where there are instructions for that other operating system.  ;-)

Mark B. Wroth

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