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Re: DOCBOOK: Using a bitmap file as book title

Guy Thomas wrote:
> I want to use a jpeg file as the book title with the following xml code
> Where exactly do I put this code?

The position of many things on the title page, including graphics, is
determined by the stylesheet, at least for SGML/DSSSL.  Here is an
example of what we put in our DSSSL customization layer to order our
title page elements:

(define (set-titlepage-recto-elements)
  (list (normalize "mediaobject")
	(normalize "title")
        (normalize "subtitle")
        (normalize "corpauthor")
        (normalize "authorgroup")
        (normalize "author")
        (normalize "editor")
        (normalize "copyright")
	(normalize "releaseinfo")
	(normalize "date")
        (normalize "abstract")
        (normalize "legalnotice")))

Changing the order of any of these changes the order they are displayed
on the title page.  Hope this helps.



Robert McIlvride (
Cogent Real-Time Systems (

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