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> > Anybody who wants to contribute to the FAQ or has suggestions how to
> > do it in another way, is invited to contact me privately or discuss it
> > on this list.

FYI, I'll be glad to contribute to the FAQ and I'll send you some 
comments privately based on some of the problems I've been through lately.

> But in any case I would recommend you to switch DocBook <qandaset> way
> of doing FAQs. DocBook is able to markup FAQs and both DSSSL and XSL
> stylesheets supports this markup. It is like promoting BMW car sitting
> in Volkswagen.

Jirka, good idea and it's great to see that this is supported in the
stylesheets.  I have thought for sometime of modifying makefaq to 
support the DocBook <qandaset>, but it's overkill for what I needed
for the FAQs I was maintaining and that others are using.  And since
openjade/jade support it, there's little reason for me to do. Still,
it might be something I add at some point, purely for the exercise
of working with XML in python.


Dan York, Director of Training
Ph: +1-613-751-4401  Mobile: +1-613-263-4312 Fax: +1-613-564-7739 
e-smith, inc. 150 Metcalfe St., Suite 1500, Ottawa,ON K2P 1P1 Canada            open source, open mind

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