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Re: Re: DOCBOOK: Including a DocBook document in aDocBook document

>>>>> "DC" == David Cramer <> writes:

    DC> Suppose you are working on a book with chapters that are file
    DC> entities in a master book file. You can use wrappers, as Jirka
    DC> explains, to validate or process the individual chapters, but to
    DC> edit one of those chapters with the help that tools like emacs
    DC> and XMetaL provide, you have to add the doctype from the
    DC> containing document, do your editing, and then remember to
    DC> delete it before saving.

    DC> Is there a way around this? For example, is there a way to let
    DC> emacs or XMetaL know that a document gets its document type
    DC> declaration from another document?

I use the following approach: All my subdocuments contain their *own*
DOCTYPE declaration.  I include them in the main document via a system
entity referring to them with a *special file extension* (e.g. .sgm
instead of .sgml).  I've got a makefile that generates the .sgm form of
the subdocuments with sgmlnorm:

  sgmlnorm -wno-idref -iDOC.INCLUDE subdocument.sgml >subdocument.sgm

Then I can process both the main document and a single sub-document
simply with `make' and there is no need for special
wrappers and/or changes in the documents.

Milan Zamazal

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