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Re: DOCBOOK: Including a DocBook document in a DocBookdocument

This thread is from the Docbook mailing list, but my follow-up question
is taking it in a direction more appropriate for Docbook-apps, so I'm
posting it here.

Suppose you are working on a book with chapters that are file entities
in a master book file. You can use wrappers, as Jirka explains, to
validate or process the individual chapters, but to edit one of those
chapters with the help that tools like emacs and XMetaL provide, you
have to add the doctype from the containing document, do your editing,
and then remember to delete it before saving. 

Is there a way around this? For example, is there a way to let emacs or
XMetaL know that a document gets its document type declaration from
another document?


Rune Enggaard Jensen wrote:

> We are a number of people working on a large document, written using a
> customazition of DocBook XML 4.1.2. We would like parts of this
document to
> be printable af separate documents. We would like a construction like
> Chap1:
> <!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC .......>
> <chapter>
> .
> .
> </chapter>
> Is there any way we can get this to work?

Omit <!DOCTYPE> from individual chapters and create small wrapper, which
will include just one chapter you want to process separately:

<!DOCTYPE book ... [
<!ENTITY chapn SYSTEM "chapn.xml">

Now you can process single chapter by using this file.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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