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Re: Aaargh, text with {...} causes pdfjadetex to blow up...

 > Here is what OpenJade produces by the way of TeX:
 > >{1}\def\KeepWithNext%
 > >{1}}\{<str1>,<str2> ...\}\def\HeadingText{%
 > >\<str1>,<str2> ...\}%
 > >\endHeadPar{}\endNode{}\Node%

I have not tested this, but look at the code in TeXFotBuilder.cxx
   void TeXFOTBuilder::characters(const Char *s, size_t n)

see where it says

      case '\\':
      case '^':
      case '_':
      case '~':
	os() << "\\char" << int(*s) << "{}";

add in '{' and '}' here, and delete them from their place later in the
case statement. I would expect that to work.

this is also the place to fix the problem of "--" and "<<". I would
very strongly urge someone involved in OpenJade to look at this, and
the patches on, and see if we can get
a new clean unified TeXFOTBuilder out there for all to use. You are
the most active, Richard, I'd be really pleased if you could push this


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