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Re: DSSSL stylesheets v1.67 breaks SGML DocBook v4.1 (?)

/ Alex Lancaster <> was heard to say:
| It appears that version 1.67 of the DSSSL stylesheets has broken the
| SGML compatibility.

Oh, barf.

| I note that Norm has changed the entity generation system to be
| generated from a (new) common `xmlcharent' module, and I think this
| must be an artifact of that change.  But somewhere along the line SGML
| must have dropped out of the picture.  (Does SGML grok unicode, for
| example, I don't know?)

No, it didn't drop out of the picture, but I forgot about the character
set issues associated with numeric character references in SGML.

| In any case, is this a bug or feature?  i.e. is there a simple fix,

Bug. Not fixed in 1.68 but I'll fix it today in CVS.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <>      | An ill-humoured man is a prisoner | at the mercy of an enemy from whom
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | he can never escape.--Sa'di

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