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Michael Wiedmann wrote:

> Anybody who wants to contribute to the FAQ or has suggestions how to
> do it in another way, is invited to contact me privately or discuss it
> on this list.

I think that FAQ will be appreciated by many users as there are many
repeating questions. 

The FAQ might became part of DocBook Open Repository. In that case,
selected group of people could parallel contribute to FAQ using CVS. We
might consider creating new module in CVS for three or four groups of
FAQs - general DocBook markup, DSSSL stylesheets, XSL stylesheets and
miscellaneous DocBook related topics. Maybe also some FAQ for editors
capable of editing DocBook markup.

But in any case I would recommend you to switch DocBook <qandaset> way
of doing FAQs. DocBook is able to markup FAQs and both DSSSL and XSL
stylesheets supports this markup. It is like promoting BMW car sitting
in Volkswagen.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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