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Re: Non-SGML character

Oleg Amiton wrote:

> While processing SGML file with national characters Jade
> outputs number of such messages:
> /usr/bin/jade:<OSFD>0:290:24:E: non SGML character number 255

Are you using SGML or XML version of DocBook? Problem is, that SGML
declaration for DocBook defines characters allowed in SGML instance. You
are probably using encoding (KOI8-R?) which has some characters outside
from allowed range. You can edit SGML declaration to extend ranges of
accepted characters or switch to XML. In XML you can use all Unicode
characters without any problems and you can still use your preffered
encoding (if it is supported by Jade). 

I suppose that you are preparing documents in Russian. AFAIK Jade
supports following encodings able to handle Cyrrilic: utf-8,
iso-10646-ucs-2 and iso-8859-5. I think, that I somewhere see patch
which also added KOI8-R support into Jade, but I'm not sure. If you use
XML, just add something like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-5"?>

at the start of your DocBook document and set SP_ENCODING=XML. From now
Jade should select appropriate encoding automaticaly and no error
messages should be appearing.

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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