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Re: indexing for print with DSSSL / OpenJade / JadeTex

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 10:27:20PM +0200, Jirka Kosek said:
> Deborah Greenberg Lidl wrote:
> > - What do I need to do to make range entries show both the start and
> >   end of the range in the printed index?
> AFAIK standard stylesheet does not support ranges for now. I know (and
> succesfully used) two ways which produce ranges in index.

OK.  As long as I'm not the only one who is experiencing the problem.

> 1. Write custom stylesheet or script which converts DocBook source to
> TeX/LaTeX source. 

This is likely more time consuming than my schedule allows.

> 2. Modify DSSSL stylesheets to include index marks into generated RTF
> file. 

I'm running on an OS without sypport for Word and don't really want to
introduce another OS into the process. 

While neither of the methods you suggested will work for me, I do
thank you for posting the information and the necessary scripts.

I guess I need to take a more comprehensive look at the type of index
entries I need to create.  If I can avoid using ranges, I may be set
with the default DSSSL stylesheets.  If I do need ranges, I'll have to
figure out about modifying the stylesheets, or using other stylesheets.

Thanks again,
Deborah Greenberg Lidl                       Toll free: 1.888.849.BSDi                    BSDi             Phone: 1.301.765.7945                                Fax: 1.301.765.7946

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