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Re: language selecetion

Martin Bohatý wrote:

> is there someone who can explain me language selection in DocBook (e.g.
> language for ToC, revisions etc. titles). Is there any default language?
> Which languages are supported?

Language sensitive strings are calculated according to nearest occurence
of lang atribute between ancestors. If your document is in single
language, it is enough to specify your language at the root element:

<!DOCTYPE ...>
<book lang="cs">

Default language is English (en). This can be changed by parametr in
stylesheets. Better practise is to left this information in document
source (as show above) as it increases portability.

Currently supported languages (from latest CVS):

ca Catalan 
cs Czech 
da Danish 
de German 
el Greek 
en English 
es Spanish 
et Estonian 
fi Finnish 
fr French 
hu Hungarian 
id Indonesian 
it Italian 
ja Japanese 
ko Korean 
nl Dutch 
no Norwegian 
pl Polish 
pt Portuguese 
pt_br Portuguese used in the Brasil 
ro Romanian
ru Russian 
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian 
sv Swedish
zh_cn Chinese used in the China 
zh_tw Chinese used in the Taiwan     

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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