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Martin Bohatý wrote:

> I find that elements in <para> are ignored in XSL FO transformation. For
> example following text in XML
> <para>Test for <constant>constant</constant></para>
> is transformed into
> <fo:block space-before.optimum="1em" space-before.minimum="0.8em"
> space-before.maximum="1.2em">Test for <fo:block
> color="red">&lt;constant&gt;constant&lt;/constant&gt;</fo:block>
> and inner elements are ignored.
> Is there any reason for that or is it some error?

If you get red color in output, it means that there is missing template
for element. Check that you are using latest XSL stylesheet. If this
does not solve your problem, report bug at

In the meanwhile, you can add following into your customization file:

<xsl:template match="constant">

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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