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questions about FO

I use FOP translator (from Apache XML project) to generate PDF from DocBook 
FO file. But FOP has some limitations (e.g. column width in tables must be 
specified), so some DocBook element (such as Simplelist, OrdererdList etc.) 
cannot be used. Is there any solution? New version of FO XSL stylesheet or 
another FO->PDF translator?

Second problem with FO is that Table Of Contetnts look different in PDF and 
HTML version. In PDF document tree structure of ToC is broken (e.g. 
simplesect titles and section titles are on the same level etc).

And some more general questions:
I have book divided into chapters and chapters are individual files (one 
chapter=one file) and use xref for cross-chapter reference. I need generate 
two different books. One in which book will contain whole text in one file 
and second which have same file structure as XML documents (i.e. one 
chapter=one file). First is OK, but second has invalid reference (to other 
chapters). Is there any way how to do this?

Is there any free utility which can I use to convert XML or FO into RTF?

Thanks for help...

Martin Bohaty

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