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Re: indexing for print with DSSSL / OpenJade / JadeTex

Deborah Greenberg Lidl wrote:

> - What do I need to do to make range entries show both the start and
>   end of the range in the printed index?

AFAIK standard stylesheet does not support ranges for now. I know (and
succesfully used) two ways which produce ranges in index.

1. Write custom stylesheet or script which converts DocBook source to
TeX/LaTeX source. This is very labourios. But at the end, you can use
makeindex program (almost standard part of every TeX distribution) which
is able to calculate page ranges.

2. Modify DSSSL stylesheets to include index marks into generated RTF
file. This is not possible only in DSSSL stylesheets, because they do
not allow (AFAIK) to write raw data into RTF. Thus you must write index
entries surrounded with some escape characters into text of RTF
document. Result RTF file which you will get from Jade must then be
processed with filter, which turns these escapes into RTF commands.
After loading resulted RTF into Word (and possibly other WP), you will
get correct index. If you are interested, I can post DSSSL customization
and PHP script for postprocessing here. 

  Jirka Kosek  	                     

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