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indexing for print with DSSSL / OpenJade / JadeTex

All --

DocBook SGML 4.1 / DSSSL 1.62 / OpenJade 1.3 / JadeTex 3.33

I'm trying to get my head around creating indexing a book.  I've
managed to get things mostly working for the HTML version, both chunked
and non-chunked.  And, I've got it partially working for a PostScript
version (via TeX and dvips).

My command sequence (edited for clarity of path names) is:
  perl -N -o generated-index.sgml
  openjade -t sgml -V html-index -c <catalog> -d html/docbook.dsl test.sgml
  perl -f -p -g -o generated-index.sgml
  openjade -t tex -V tex-backend -c <catalog> -d print/docbook.dsl test.sgml
  tex -fmt=jadetex -progname=jadetex test
  tex -fmt=jadetex -progname=jadetex test
  tex -fmt=jadetex -progname=jadetex test
  dvips test.dvi

Marking things up as a single point (<indexterm>...</indexterm>)
works.  The page number displayed in the index reflects the page
number where the text is.  

Marking things up as a range using the class attribute (<indexterm
id="foo" class="startofrange">...</indexterm>...<indexterm startref="foo"
class="endofrange">) sort of works.  The page number in the index shows
the page number where the startofrange is; for example, 16.  It doesn't
show a range; for example, 16-30.  The script reports
that it is ignoring one index entry -- I suspect it's the endofrange

Marking things using the zone attribute (<indexterm
zone="bar">...</indexterm>...<emphasis id="bar">...</emphasis>) doesn't
work.  The page number in the index shows as ?.  

A search of the archives reveals that someone else reported this in
February 2000.  But I didn't see any follow up, other than Norm asking
for a sample (non-PostScript) file.  Other reports of index issues seemed
to be explanations of the list of commands and options to use, and how
to mark up things.

I've verified this with the default DTD and stylesheets shipped with
the versions above, so I don't think the problem is with any of my
customizations to the DTD or stylesheets.  I have a Makefile and test
sgml file that I can send.  I have an HTML.index file that I can send.

My questions, then, are two:

- What do I need to do to make range entries show both the start and
  end of the range in the printed index? 
- What do I need to do to make entries that reference zones show a
  page number in the printed index?

If anyone else has run into these issues, I'd love to hear about it.
Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Deborah Greenberg Lidl                       Toll free: 1.888.849.BSDi                    BSDi             Phone: 1.301.765.7945                                Fax: 1.301.765.7946

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